InnNord is a research program initiated by the High North Centre for Business and Governance at Nord University in Bodø Norway, seeking to answer the following question:

How can we attract more people to Northern Norway?

The issue

The North of Norway is experiencing a difficult dilemma: at the same time as especially young people emigrate and move south, the economy in the region is growing. This creates challenges such as labor shortage and an ageing population, which again contribute to reduce sustainability in the Arctic society in general.

The importance

The Norwegian government has declared the North as “the most important strategic area of Norway”, emphasizing the importance of increased attention to education and research, resource management, business and transportation. Also, the High North, rich in natural resources and with cheap energy power, is considered to be essential for the green transition, in Norway but also globally.

The solution?

The mission of the InnNord project is to develop knowledge about what attracts people to the north, especially what opportunities that exist for those under 40 years of age. How can we facilitate the young people in the north to see that the future is here and get more people to want to study, work and settle in northern Norway?

The goal of the projects is to develop knowledge to be used in policy making, spark debate, and give advice to companies and industries in Northern Norway.

The program will study the issue at three levels:

  1. Local: Which initiatives within Northern Norway has been put into place?
  2. National: What political dicitions has been made on a national level to face this challenge?
  3. International: What kind of experience can Norway draw from countries facing similar challenges?

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